Fax2Email, Softphone, Email Services, and VoIP Apps

In addition to our phone systems, internet and IT, our applications will complete your office communications suite, giving you every thing you need to communicate with your customers, suppliers and staff. Designed with efficiency and accessibility in mind, we promise to continue to provide the most sought-after Applications:

Email Services

Email is a crucial element of your business communications. Our email service is not only reliable and secure, but it's a great collaboration tool offering shared folders and a scheduling assistant. Get the most out of your communications with our Email Service >>


There's no need for a fax machine in your office when you use Fax2Email. Now you can send and receive fax messages anywhere you can access your email. Not only does this service improve your accessibility, but it will also reduce your office expenses on paper and ink. Feel good about going green with Fax2Email >>


This is the perfect tool for road warriors: you can setup a Softphone client on your laptop and use it exactly like your office telephone. Our Softphone provides a seamless integration into your telephone system, meaning you can be reached at your extension no matter where you (and your laptop) happen to be, as long as you are connected to the internet. Learn more about our Softphone >>

VoIP App

Taking our Softphone one step further, you can install our VoIP App on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and make calls using the Wi-Fi function on your device. Save money on long distance calling and phone bills with our VoIP App >>

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