Why Small Businesses Benefit From Hosted PBX

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: April 25, 2016 15:52

The cloud-based Hosted PBX allows companies, especially small businesses to replace their old, existing premise-based phone system with an affordable and more flexible solution.

Here are the reasons why small businesses can benefit from this:

Lower Costs and More Savings

the premise-based solutions needs a very expensive upfront investment in order to purchase the necessary systems and servers. With the hosted communications, all you need to have is a VoIP enabled phones and you’re ready to go. The service charges month-to-month and is also reduced as the expensive traditional phone systems will be replaced by the combination of data and voice traffic on one single network.

Reduced Complexity

Hosted PBX is easy for the users to understand and manage without the assistance from the IT staff. The online website portal will allow the individual users to customize their features and settings using their own computers. There’s will be no need to devote the resources and time to the support staff in order to oversee the system.

Enhanced Features

With the hosted PBX, you can get the feature that you need in order to make your business much more productive. You can have the calls forwarded to the devices that you desire, seamlessly transfer calls between phones, and make calls from anywhere by using different devices but showing your office number. This is all possible through a Hosted PBX. In addition to that there will also be a unified inbox that will make it very easy or you to check, and store all your voice messages, emails, and contacts in a single place. This kind of solution has the important features in order to support your business no matter where or how you work.

Ensuring Success and Business Continuity

No one really likes to think of disasters, but in reality, fire, earthquake, or flood can cause great damages by interrupting your business work, especially the communications. Through the use of Hosted PBX, you can ensure to retain an uninterrupted contact with your clients and customer because the important hardware is secured and stored properly offsite.

All in all, you need to manage your business, not you communication system. By allowing the provider to manage a hosted phone solution, you can dedicate your effort and time on accomplishing the more important business goals with the entire features that you need to succeed.


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