The Benefits of Geographical Redundancy

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: April 27, 2016 18:47

Geographical redundancy safeguards against voice service interruptions

Netcelerate is introducing a new voice services platform in 2015. Among the many benefits of this platform will be geographical redundancy within our data centres. This means that all of Netcelerate’s services will be hosted in multiple data centres simultaneously. For our customers, this means enhanced reliability. If there is a hardware failure in one of our data centres, the functions of that centre will be fulfilled by an alternate data centre in another location. Your service is immediately re-routed to a functional service platform, thus eliminating service interruptions and outages. Geographical redundancy safeguards against unexpected interruptions caused by hardware failure, power outages, or even natural disasters.

Simultaneous hosting of IT services on multiple sites is becoming an industry standard. Netcelerate is evolving and staying ahead of this curve. We recognize the benefits of this type of hosting platform and understand the value it provides to our customers. We anticipate the increasing demands on small and medium sized businesses. We are committed to meeting these demands and keeping pace with industry standards.

There are many levels of possible system failures wherein proper redundancy can help to avoid a loss of service. The article “How to Plan and Manage Datacentre Redundancy,” courtesy of, outlines various failure scenarios that can be avoided by having a fully redundant system. Here are three of the most common scenarios:

Read the full Computers Weekly article.


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