The Demons at the Gate

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: June 01, 2016 19:11

Internet Security. Two words that have a nasty tendency to elicit feelings of “huh?” from many business owners.

If you’re anything like many of the business owners out there, then chances are you’ve had at least one migraine-inducing thought session on this little jewel of a problem, only to end up with said migraine and surprisingly little wine left in the bottle.

There is a solution, though. Two more words. Managed Firewall.

Chances are good that you’ve heard the word “firewall” at some point in the last decade. At least, if you’ve ever watched anything on tv. A firewall, for lack of a better definition, is a lot like a one-way mirror. Light can pass through one side to the other from only one direction. Mirror on one side, glass on the other. Basically, a firewall blocks unauthorized access (think hackers or viruses…) from getting into your network, while at the same time allowing you to send data out (email, e-fax, internet browsing, etc…).

It is the most robust piece of your overall network security. There’s a reason the Greeks spent an entire decade unsuccessfully trying to invade the city of Troy. And until the deadliest pinata of all time was rolled into the city square, the Trojans had little to worry about, too. They were sitting pretty up on those walls, laughing at Achilles and Agamemnon from their safe, secure vantage point. And that’s essentially how a firewall works.

Bad things try to attack. Get schooled. Rinse and repeat.

Now, the rub of a firewall is that it needs someone to manage it. It needs to be updated regularly, cracks need to be sealed up, and the overall health of the system needs to be monitored. And unless you hire a guy to manage that sort of thing full-time, it’s a great idea for you to get an outside agency to handle it. Here’s a few reasons why:

Cost Savings

The people of your business are your greatest asset. But if you’re still growing, you might not be able to hire a full-time IT guy to be your Hector (remember?... Trojan war… prince… defender of Troy… anybody??) If you already have a VoIP network, then it’s likely far cheaper for you to turn the monitoring of the network over to your provider.


Even Troy fell. One guy lets the biggest fake-out gift in history through the gate, and it all goes to pot. So shall your network eventually fall victim to some manner of security threat. And when that happens, if you don’t have a plan that can be implemented quickly and perfectly, chances of things like the dreaded “data breach” become a much more real and frightening possibility.

Threats From Inside the Company

I would have loved to be there the day Priam thought, “Yeah, they’ve been trying to get in for ten years. Last night they all left peacefully, and they left us a little ‘I’m sorry’ gift! Totally makes sense!” And as easy as it is to say “don’t be that guy…”, there’s little doubt that, at some point, one of your employees is going to let something in. And you have a much better chance of having a properly configured firewall through a managed service than on your own.

Your network deserves the best protection, and a managed solution is simply more beneficial for the majority of businesses out there. After all, there’s a reason some of the worst viruses out there are called “Trojan Horses.”


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