Excuse me… do you have the wifi password?

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: June 08, 2016 18:23


Sad as it may be for some of us old codgers, the days of the internet cafe are going the way of the dinosaurs. And the reason for the demise of this once-mighty industry (okay, we may be embellishing a little, but they WERE everywhere, remember?) isn’t exactly a mystery.

Coffee shops, hotels, even many chain restaurants are picking up the trend of turning their space into a wifi hotspot. And as technology increases, it’s becoming easier for any kind of business to become a hotspot as well.

But is that a good thing? Is it strategically advantageous for you as a business owner to institute a wireless network that can be access by the masses? The short answer is hell yes! But allow us to break that down a little for you:

Foot Traffic

Especially if you happen to be a business that is affected by foot traffic, this could be something that could change the entire life of your business. Wifi hotspots, especially those that are easy to access, are places that attract many, many more people than those that don’t. A certain national coffee shop chain would undoubtedly grown much more slowly if it wasn’t a known fact that students, business people, and social media addicts alike could access the internet from inside their walls, and by the way, would you like a latte with that? The rest is caffeinated history.

Repeat customers

In the same vein as bringing new customers in, having those customers remembering that they can frequent your business and access free internet is a huge draw for them to come back to your business again. And repeat customers make up well over 70% of your income. It pays to have people know there’s a reason to come back. And the knowledge that they can get internet at your place is going to be bringing them back to you in droves.

Customers stay in your business longer

This was the singular thing that led that same national coffee shop chain to institute this whole thing in the first place. You see, a cup of coffee or a latte is a finite beverage. At some point, you will have drunk it all. And if you’re a college kid finishing a paper, or a account manager getting your files in order for the big meeting on Monday, then you are going to stay until it’s done. And you may as well have another drink, yes? You can extrapolate the rest from there. Now there’s one on nearly every corner.

This may sound like one of those things that’s more luxury than necessity. But trust us, in this modern world where every device in our pockets has the ability to connect to the internet, and everyone out there is watching the amount of data they’re using as if it were a stack of gold Krugerrands within arms-reach of Captain Jack Sparrow, you’d be surprised how profitable something like this can be for you.

Even if it is annoying as hell to give the password out a million times a day.


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