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Published: June 22, 2016 15:26

Being able to be found is one of the most important tenets of business. After all, if your customers can’t find you, they can’t give you their money, now, can they?

For decades, the only way for people to find your business (outside of costly advertising…) was to get listed in the good ol’ Yellow Pages. And boy, did they know it! Ask any business owner who’s been around more than twenty years what that was like. Pack of wolves, they were.

Then the internet happened.

Now many businesses put themselves out there with a website, or on social media, or message boards, or any combination of the three. But still the question nags at them...

What about the damn Yellow Pages??

What does a business do to list themselves when they don’t have a “traditional” phone system? After all, years ago, as soon as someone set up a business it would show up on the “white pages” for free, and if they wanted more exposure they could pay for space in the yellow. Is there still a place to do that?

Well, while many of these paper directories have been pushed out thanks to the internet and our grandaddy Google, there are still some places that you can list your business for either free or for a nominal fee to make sure that you are easy to find, and we’ve listed some of them below. Enjoy!


This is one that just about everybody’s heard of. In fact, if you haven’t, you may want to rethink opening up a business in the first place. You can list your business here for free, even if you have a VoIP phone line. And, bonus, your happy customers can tell the world how awesome you are, something the Yellow Pages could never pull off.


Though the kids of today will never know the struggle of trying to use this service, it still exists even in today’s digital world, and though you may not be able to get them to list your business, it’s always worth a try, or at least a phone call. Their reporting to what white pages still exist makes it worth the phone call.

Good ol’ Google

It’s the biggest, it’s the baddest, and chances are that you’re already somewhere on it. One of the first things you should do when you set up shop anywhere is to get onto Google and make sure that all your information is current and up to date. People are looking for businesses just like yours. Right now. Don’t let them find your competitors and not you.

There are more services out there, but these three will get you started. Heck, you might even see if there’s still a white pages out in your area to check out. As always, check with your provider if you’re curious about how to get yourself out there more.


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