A proclamation of unification

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: July 23, 2016 00:45


This day in age, communication is king. Seems there are so many ways to communicate with other people, you end up a little confused about how to go about it.

Between the texting, the calling, the emails… where do you start??

Another problem, at least from a business standpoint, is that until recently there hasn’t really been any sort of integration between all these platforms of communication. And that can be a big problem, at least where productivity is concerned.

Enter a term that has seen its share of misinterpretation: Unified communications.

There are a lot of terms in the world of VoIP phone systems for business that you have to learn when you get set up for service, but this one seems not to get talked about enough.

Basically, what this little gem amounts to is a new technological architecture that brings together all those different forms of communication into one system across your business’ VoIP network. It makes it so that all of them accessible and easy to use.

Yes. We see you over there, not-so-subtly rolling your eyes. Why should you care, right?

Well, UC is important to your business for a number of reasons. Let’s unpack them…


Communication in the workplace, be it between members of the staff or between the staff and their customers, is something that is not only measured in results, but also in time. If your workers are constantly switching between separate programs that handle telephone, email, calendars, directory services, and different forms of conferencing over and over again throughout the day, that time is being lost.

Through a unified communications structure, all these different programs are integrated together, to save you time and valuable productivity throughout the workday.

Ease of use…

Along with the time saved with having everything on a UC platform, there is going to come with it a much easier stream of use from program to program, as integration creates simplicity across the platforms your staff will be using.

And ease of use is important. We all have that one employee that just HAS to say something about the user-friendliness of the systems you use to get things done in your company. UC means that they’ll have that much less ammo to complain about, since things are generally easier to use on this type of setup. How virtual numbers can impact perception of company size.

UC is a term that is almost exclusively associated with VoIP telephone networks, and a licensed provider will easily be able to tell you what the UC aspect of a VoIp phone network means to your business. If you’ve been thinking about possibly moving over to one of these types of networks, this will be a term that you will no doubt be hearing often.

Let the unification proclamation begin!


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