Training days will never be the same…

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: August 15, 2016 14:35

Training days hosted pbx

Bringing on new people can be a trying time for every business, no matter what industry you’re in. The longer hours, the resources, the extra materials. And that’s before you even try and find them a desk! 

And then there’s the actual training itself. You want the best tools for getting people up to speed, and surprisingly enough, your VoIP phone system might actually be a tool that can really help you in this regard. 

There are some really cool features that you can take advantage of, not only when you’re training new staff on the phones, but later on to continually improve your staff’s skill set. These are some of the ones we recommend the most.

Call recording

This one may sound like a no-brainer, but back in the old days, this used to be a nightmare, if it was possible at all. Because everything has gone digital, now calls can not only be recorded, but saved to listen to later. In a sales environment, you can let some of the newbies listen to the successful sales calls of your top closers, giving them insight into real-time objection handling.

And, as a general rule, there are few ways to monitor an employee’s performance on the phones as effective as call recording.

Analytics and Data

Some in the business world absolutely live and die by the data within their organizations. Gaining insight into the analytics of your phone system can let you know length of talk time, how many dials are being made in a given day, even phone leads in order to assess what’s going on with the sales process. Being able to spot the weak points in the staff based on the numbers may not be everything you need to look at, but having a starting point is worth its weight in gold when considering the labor cost of training, or re-training, your staff.

Call Monitoring, Whisper, and Barge

Call monitoring is a function that allows more interaction with live phone calls, with various ways of communicating not only with the recipient but also the caller. For example, “Whisper” is a feature that allows an outside extension to not only listen to a live call, but “whisper” to the caller (think sales manager talking to a salesman on a call…) without the recipient being able to hear them. Real-time coaching is priceless in sales. On the other hand, a function called Barge allows an extension to “barge in” on a call between two extensions or a call from an extension to an outside line. This would allow a manager listening in on a newbie’s sales call to step in, should he feel he is needed to close a deal.

Whisper and Barge are usually tied together in Call Monitoring as a whole. After all, one can never allow things like productivity and performance in the training process. At least, not until five o’clock, anyway.


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