Why use Hosted PBX for your Business?

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: March 21, 2016 13:26

Hosted PBX is a cloud based PBX system, which is accessible through the internet. Instead of struggling with software, hardware, maintenance, and training, a hosted PBX will handle all of these things for you. Since it is managed for you offsite, it will result in little IT or installation costs. This is because the hosted PBX system will also give businesses the ability of managing the phone systems through a user-friendly control panel, and not through reconfiguring a premise based system. For such reasons, hosted PBX systems are increasingly becoming a solution for growing small and medium size businesses.
If you own a business of less than 300 lines, this hosted PBX will able to give you a multitude of benefits as well as features. For beginners, the hosted PBX system will be much less expensive as compared with the traditional on-site system. With hosted PBX, you do not need to purchase expensive software and hardware, manage the system, and pay for installation. You will simply pay for the monthly fee while enjoying all the benefits that this service has to offer.
As mentioned before, Hosted PBX is less costly as compared with the standard on-site systems, and includes valuable features like call waiting, on-hold music, transfers, call routing, and the like. Moreover, in terms of the popularity of the hosted PBX keeps on growing, the additional features such as extension dialling, auto attendants, as well as ACD queues are available as well.
The ability of adding new features upon rolling out is a great example for scalability of this hosted PBX. Additional phones, lines, and a whole new department may effortlessly be put as an addition. This would become more complex with the traditional PBX on-site. Through the hosted PBX, the mountain of responsibility may be taken off to your shoulders. This will allow you in focusing your attention onto your company, while your phone system is managed for you.
The costs of setup for a Hosted PBX system is very low compared to a traditional PBX. You can continuously scale up or down with little cost and little hassle, while the ongoing maintenance is also handled for you.


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