Getting the bugs out: Part two

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: October 25, 2016 16:02

In the last segment, we detailed a few of the things to do if and when you or your company were hit with a ransomware attack. With this post, we’ll make sure to give you some more options so you have the full breadth of what to do in the event of one of these malicious events.

Consider a new AV

AV (or antivirus) software should, theoretically, protect your system against one of these types of attacks. However, not all AV software is created equal. If you happen to be in this particular pickle, then chances are good that your existing AV software (assuming you had it there to begin with…) most likely failed you. The bad stuff got through.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying that it was intentional or anything. It’s not. It’s just that some software is better than others, and whatever you had didn’t really do it’s job. Is there a chance that a member of your staff absentmindedly opened a corrupted email? Sure. Could one of your staff installed something onto that machine that opened the door for this type of malware? Absolutely.

But let’s be real for just a second. Even if those things were true, shouldn’t the AV software have caught it? Definitely. All we’re saying is, do your research. Read all the reviews. Ask many, MANY questions. And you’ll likely find the right AV software for you.

Never stop paying attention

Winston Churchill made famous the phrase of “constant vigilance!!” and it still rings true today. One of the greatest gateways to trouble is not ignorance or malice or greed, but apathy. When we stop looking, stop paying attention, stop counting our steps, bad things happen. And make no mistake, there are patient criminals out there, and they’re the most dangerous ones of all.

If you have security measures in place, have meetings on them regularly, and not just with the IT team. Talk with everyone in your company about them and how important they are. Have them posted in the building. Have consistent and frequent trainings on what to look for and what/what not to do. At the end of the day, a minor inconvenience to the staff is worth the money (and possible data breach…) you could suffer.

We hope that the last three articles have provided some insight into this ever-growing and ever-changing problem. We know that the list of things that we’ve provided here is by no means exhaustive, and we also know that, as time goes on, things are going to change. But we want to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can to help.

If you ever have questions, or would like someone to help you get better security measures put in place (even if it’s just on your business phone systems…) please reach out to us. Canadian companies are having more problems with this than our neighbours in the states, and we want that to stop. We’ll hope to talk to you soon!


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