Why use SIP trunks for your business?

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: March 24, 2016 15:45

A SIP trunk is known as virtual version of an analog phone line that provides connections to up to 20 channels in your PBX. This allows you to make local, international, and even long distance calls through the use of internet. SIP trunking may sound new to you but this is an important technological intervention for small and medium sized businesses. There is no harm in embracing change and learning to adopt with it as this will benefit your business.
To deal your queries with SIP trunk, try to consider the following reasons why this is important for small business phone systems:

Flexible, Simple, Scalability

Traditional kinds of phone systems are not built with easy and quick scalability. This is because of the idea that analog trunks have a fixed 24 lines. Despite the fact that you only use ten phone lines on a regular basis, you will pay for all 24. Also, if you need another line, you need to purchase an entire new trunk that will leave you 23 lines that are not in use.

With SIP trunking, it utilizes virtual phone lines, so you may remove and add these when you need them. If your business is very busy within December until February, you may need an additional ten channels for such period of time.

Long-term and Immediate Cost Savings

Immediate cost savings is considered as one of the primary benefits of SIP trunking that most business owners will experience. This is possible because it will cost less in terminating the calls through a SIP provider because of an immediate decline of calling costs. Depending on the quantity and kind of calls which you will make, you can save more than 50 % on the monthly bill of your phone system.

Increase in Reliability

SIP trunking, just like VoIP, is also a cloud based service, which will give a certain level of redundancy. In case of system failure or emergency, SIP trunking will provide for an easy re-route of calls to redundant lines for data to forward to the PBX. This is to ensure that the business will always running and answering calls.

SIP trunking can be the best VoIP solution for hosted phone systems intended for different business phones Ottawa. Considering this is simply the best opportunity for business phones in Ottawa that you need for optimum functionality of your business needs.

With the given benefits of SIP trunking to your small business phone systems, you will be assured of amazing results that it has to offer in your business. This is possibly the best time to experience the kind of change that SIP trunking has to offer for you.


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