Growing up is hard to do…

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: November 08, 2016 18:37


Growth is one of those things that just about every business owner has an opinion on. No doubt, so do you. It’s what we all want, though, right?

We all want to be able to grow a company into a strong and beautiful organization, but along the way, there are bound to be some bumps in the road. Or a lot of bumps. There could be potholes...whatever.

It might seem a stretch to think that the business phone system can actually help with something like that, but truth be told, the VoIP system you have installed can make some of these growing pains a little less likely to send you running for the narcotics.

Financial constraints

When you’re growing, the amount of money headed out the door every day can be stressful. Keeping control of your costs during the growth of the company is essential to the process, and thankfully, a well-designed VoIP system can help. Generally speaking, you won’t have additional hardware costs that you would have had with a traditional phone system during the growth of the company. Also, calling rates are lower overall, meaning the increase in call volume won’t lead to a similar rise in calling costs. At the end of the day, saving money during your growth only makes you that much more successful in the long run.


While not always a major consideration, this is something that happens to everyone in a growing company in one way or another. When you grow, many people in the organization end up wearing multiple hats. Hours get longer and someone always forgets to order more coffee. This can lead to people becoming… difficult. But a VoIP system can actually ease the burden a little, with features like being able to make or receive calls from anywhere, giving you the opportunity to help your staff maintain a more stable work/life balance than they would otherwise. Because seriously, would you rather come up with the next creative marketing campaign from your office, or the beach? I know. Such tough questions here. We’ll try and keep them to a minimum.

Hiring new staff

No matter where or what you want to grow into, you’re going to need people to do it. Hiring the right talent is absolutely essential, and your HR manager, through his hysteria, is now complaining about the cost of getting all these new people on board. But not only can a VoIP system help you reach out and stay in contact with talent from all over the globe, but the actual expansion of the system to accommodate all those new employees tends to be far more seamless than a traditional phone system. And with virtual extensions and Find Me/Follow Me capabilities, keeping your new telecommuters on board gives you yet another arm of the company to flex in the quest for higher profits.

Growth can be hard. It can be painful. But it doesn’t have to be. And VoIP can help.


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