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Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: January 10, 2017 19:01

These days, the “cloud” is a big buzz-word in the world of business. And rightly so, it seems. Company after company is beginning to invest more and more money in moving more and more aspects of their businesses into the cloud and off-site.

There are many reasons a company would do this, ranging from the ability to backup their systems to a central location to avoid loss of data in a disaster, or worse, a data breach within their system.

But what if your company isn’t some multi-million dollar, Fortune 500 behemoth? What if it’s just you and your dozen or so little monsters wanting to move everything into the cloud? Where do you even begin. Well, we think there are a few things you should make sure to look for out there in the big, wide world of cloud services. Don’t worry. We share.

Cloud Servers

This is a server, much like that thing in the computer closet, only it exists virtually, or on the internet rather than physically in your building. And you need to make darn sure that whatever company you’re looking at has them. Making sure that your data has a roof over its virtual head is about as important as the data itself, so make sure to ask about these when you’re interviewing a possible cloud provider.

Cloud Desktops

While not absolutely essential, the benefits of one of these puppies will no doubt eventually make them that way. This would put the business’s desktop environment directly into a web browser or similar client application, and can be customized for Mac OS, Windows, even Linux and Unix. And aside from the fact that they exist over the internet and can be accessed by any machine, the functionality remains the same or even faster than a hardware machine at a desk. And with flexible customization options, it might not be long before “desk jockey” takes on a whole new meaning.

Cloud backup and disaster recovery

This is biggie, folks. It probably should have been at the top of the list, because after all, these are the two top reasons that companies start looking at this direction in the first place. When considering a cloud-based solution of any kind, make sure to have a conversation about this very thing, because you don’t want to wait until your system goes out in a power outage to find out that you don’t have it. Trust us, that’s not a phone call that ends well. Whether it’s fire or flood or someone tripping on a whole bundle of fiber-optic cable, you’ll want to make sure that you can get at your data no matter the emergency or kerfuffle.

Cloud-based phone systems

Another that, while not strictly essential, has become standard in the market. Make sure to go over options, talk setup and cancellation costs, and have a good long talk about what features and benefits are important to you and your company’s communication needs.


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