Picket fences and phone lines…

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: February 26, 2017 18:26

Increasingly, the field of real estate is becoming more and more competitive. And as the players push harder and harder to close the deal, the amount of contact they keep with their clients and offices becomes more and more important.

Enter into this little equation a standard phone carrier, and massive (and sometimes unnecessary) costs can pile up faster than… well, things that pile up fast.

So what would a real estate agent do for their business phone systems? Well, if you said VoIP, then you’d be correct! It’s almost like you read our blog, or something. And below are a few reasons why that would work:

Location, location, location

Real estate agents are on the move. Always. And as such, they need a phone system that can travel with them wherever they go, no matter what or where or when. Almost any hosted PBX provider can hook an agent up with a multitude of mobile options that can make the day-to-day communique of a real estate agent’s business a much easier reality. If the carrier has a mobile app, they can not only make and receive calls, but share files, send messages, and store contacts in one place

Quality of connection

VoIP is not just for offices any more, and the quality of connection that you get at your office shouldn’t be a luxury either. Once you go mobile, you’ll still have the same call quality that you’ve come to expect from your local provider at your stationery office when you or your staff is out on the road. We’re sure there’s been at least once that your phone cut out on you when you were trying to get an address or close a deal. Which is about as fun as a trip to the dentist.

Managing your team

If you run a team of agents, this service allows you not only to be able to keep track of call analytics and data, but can allow you to use services like listen, barge, and call recording to make sure that your people are doing the right things for the clients, and provide necessary training and resource management if they’re not.

Real estate is an industry that has learned to take full advantage of the connection technology that has risen up in the world. And utilizing modern phone systems, in the form of VoIP, is just the next step in that evolution. And it should be. The more connected a real estate agent is to his clients, the more successful he’ll become and the happier his clients will be.

It’s true. We read that in a fortune cookie.


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