Out-sourced and down

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: April 03, 2017 17:25

Outsourcing tends to get a bit of a bad wrap. And hot topic though it may be, one thing is for certain: companies all across the world aren’t planning on stopping the practice any time soon. And there are some very good reasons for it. Accessing a global talent pool, being able to access major cost savings, and being able to redirect focus in your home base top the list, but are by no means the only ones.

If your company is considering outsourcing, there are many things to consider. And it can seem like quite the daunting task. Thankfully, technological advances in communication with things like VoIP (who saw that one coming??) can help to make a transition like this a little less painful.

Cost savings

One of the reasons that VoIP aids in outsourcing are the low national and international calling rates that many Hosted PBX providers have access to. And whether you're only going to a national scale or making the jump to international outsourcing, having a cost-saving plan in place is essential to the success of the move. In fact, many providers provide unlimited calling plans in both Canada and the United States, giving every business piece of mind should they decide that outsourcing a portion of their staff is the way to go.


Back in the day, many companies that had outsourced would have to travel great distances in order to recruit and train employees, at great expense of both money and time. Thanks to modern communications technologies such as VoIP, these expenses are sort of a thing of the past. By utilizing services like video conferencing, you can communicate with staff and trainers from anywhere in the world, and for a much lower cost than you might be used to spending.

Operational freedom

By utilizing outside firms to handle call center operations like customer service, technical support, and sales, many companies find benefits against maintaining large in-house staffs to do the same jobs.

VoIP (aside from being mind-bendingly cool... ) affords companies the ability to run and extend their call center operations by utilizing an advanced feature set; things like auto-attendant, call analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) software integration. And when you start throwing in things like virtual extensions, you can plan to have calls routed to an international service during off-hours, weekends, and holidays, increasing your ability to grow your company and capture more sales.

With the help of VoIP business phone systems, many businesses who may not have been able to outsource in the past are now finding themselves able to make them a reality. Outsourcing, while a hot topic in many parts of the world, is a way for many companies to avoid being bogged down in tedium and time-wasting.


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