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Published: April 11, 2017 22:04


Look, let’s be real here. Without making a single step into actually talking about expenses or business practices or marketing, is there any industry (that you can think of…) that inspires more outright fear and nervousness in a person than the dental industry?

While you’re trying to think that little gem through (you’re welcome…) we wanted to say that the reason we bring this up is that there are a lot of things that most people never consider about dentist offices. Namely that they have problems of their own, just like any other business. But most of us will overlook that while we’re popping Xanax like Pez and trying not to imagine the sound of the drill.

Thankfully, some of these problems can be aided, if not eliminated, by utilizing VoIP for their business phone systems, and we’re going to tell ya what....

Getting and retaining business

If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. And no matter how many degrees you got, Jack, you gotta have one thing, no matter what, in order to survive. People. Not only can the system provide you an auto-attendant (a virtual secretary, if you will…) to help route calls to the appropriate extensions, but being able to connect the customers to a Customer Relations Management (CRM) software can help to make the priceless client data you’re collecting easy to access and understand. You can also help anyone that ends up on hold by programming soothing eighties music (Yanni, Wham!, you know, stuff like that…) to keep them from hanging up on your staff before they make the appointment for that next cleaning. I see you laughing. What would fifteen percent more cleanings month-over-month do for YOUR office?

Maximizing space

Most new practices have to start in a smaller space than they’d like, thanks to the normally Saturn-high prices of commercial office space these days. In situations like that, it’s important to be able to make the best use of the limited space, and a bulky, old-fashioned phone system circa 1998 can be… well, problematic in tight quarters. VoIP can be used via softphones, or phone systems that run through computers, without much of the standard phone equipment that many businesses have become accustomed to over the years. A headset hooked into your computer is usually all you’ll need.

Out-of-office calls

Dentists of today have become quite patient with their patients, it seems (see what I did there?), taking calls at most hours of the day and night, whether or not they’re in the office or at a fancy sit-down with the squad. Yes, dentists have squads. We think. Anyway, with features like that auto-attendant to route after-hours calls, or call forwarding to send them straight to your cell phone, there are always options for you to be able to connect to your clients in times of need. Just remember, forward to someone else on karaoke night, yes?


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