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Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: May 17, 2017 17:24


There is one incontrovertible truth in business in the twenty-first century: Money is money, but time is everything. Or something like that.

It might seem trite to open this particular article with such a statement. After all, none of us even remotely resemble Gordon Gecko. Nonetheless, even if you don’t believe the technical aspect of that statement, the spirit of it is forever true, wouldn’t you agree?

Seriously, what’s more valuable than the world’s only truly ever-diminishing resource?

What does this have to do with Customer Relations Management software integration? In the words of our IT guys when asked what sort of snacks we should stock the break room with: much.

Voice-over Internet Protocol may be the new wave of business phone systems, but that’s like talking about a new kind of engine or seat or transmission in a car. It’s only one part of the whole. In any company that has to move a product or a service (which is most of them…) Customer Relations Management software is becoming more of the norm than a luxury.

What’s interesting is these two parts of the same whole are starting to find new ground by working together rather than separately. And rightly so. One of the tastiest words in business to allow past our lips is Integration. With a capital “I”.

Take two great things, make them into one killer thing. Tale as old as time. And this is happening right now with these two technologies. Fewer and fewer companies are keeping these two apart, and while the cost-savings are a hotly-debated argument, no one, but no one, can argue with the time savings.

By allowing sales people within an organization to make calls from the actual CRM, a small amount of time is saved on every outgoing call. Stack that up over the course of an entire day, and then a week, and then a month… you see where I’m going with this. It’s like removing one olive from every jar on the production line.

Tiny gestures that save massive amounts of time.

Just ask yourself, how many more prospecting calls could a sales force make if they saved thirty seconds on every call by not having to switch between two different programs in order to reach out to potential clients? How many more calls could your billing department make to collect on past-due balances? How much more efficient could your company be?

Honestly. Let that simmer for a sec. We’ll wait.

Look, we know that some of these integrations seem intimidating, but things are getting easier. Most of the companies out there that offer CRM’s that can integrate with VoIP systems also offer a massive amount of training and support so that there’s never an interruption in your business, or at the very least, not much of one.

Talk with your hosted PBX provider if you want more information on how to look into these new methods of integration. You’ll be glad you did.


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