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Published: May 30, 2017 15:12


It’s easy, it seems, for one to get hung up on different platforms when it comes to IP PBX systems. Tech specs and configurations differ wildly depending on the application. Lord knows that the competition for dominance in this arena is starting to heat up more and more by the year.

So what’s a business owner to do? How does a CEO decide on how to best manage their business phone systems?

Well, the main way to go about this little quandary is to decide if your solution is going to be open-source, or if it will be proprietary. There are similarities to both, but the service and support of each system is wildly different from the other, and it’s important that you know these differences. After all, just because the dark side has cookies doesn’t mean you should go waltzing on over, does it?

Open Source

There are a number of things that are attractive to many a business owner about open-source solutions, but one of the most prevalent is cost. The software is often free to use once the hardware is purchased, and there are no licensing fees. Companies like Asterisk feature products that come with both a General Public license and a Proprietary Software license, which basically enables free use, distribution, and modification of the software.

Another major upside to this particular setup is the options for customization. Any good solution is going to depend very heavily on the developers that are behind it. Any knowledgeable programmer can go Neo on this type of system, making improvements and applying patches. It’s one of the best things about open-source. Aside from the ability to make a killer margarita. Okay, well not an actual margarita. But a guy can dream, right?


For a ton of different businesses, however, open-source software requires more resources than many businesses have access to. In that vein, many businesses will benefit from the support structure available through the channel program of proprietary software. Basically, these are community-based projects that receive attention based on the feedback of the entire community, making many common issues easy to manage and repair.

Also, there’s something huge (YUUUGE!!) to be said for ease-of-management as well, not just because the resellers can focus on selling and supporting rather than testing and design, but many solutions will come with simple installation packages that will work on a multitude of platforms. Administrators and users alike will appreciate the built-in tools of these systems as well.

Truthfully, it’s really up to the individual business what’s going to be the best solution for them. Hosted PBX solutions are gaining customization it seems by the day, and it will only become more diverse as time goes on. However, if you have questions, simply reach out to your local provider and they can walk you through the best option that is designed for your specific company.

Have questions for us? Leave a comment below and we’ll be glad to reach out to you and help you out. Cheers!


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