The difference between VoIP and WebRTC

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: July 06, 2017 19:02


Business phone systems continue to improve over time as technological advancements are made. From limited analog to full analog, to the advent of VoIP systems, and now technology is moving forward again, in the form of WebRTC, a system that connects users through internet browsers.

There seems to be a bit of debate (no fruit has been thrown yet, but you never know…) around this new technology, specifically surrounding whether or not these two technologies are fighting for the same space. Considering that they do some of the same things, it can be easy to see why people might think that the two are, in fact, the same kind of thing. Let’s break down what each does, for reference.


Voice over Internet Protocol is geekspeak for a set of technologies that takes your voice, converts it into data, and transmits that data over internet to another end user. Any device that you have, from a computer to a phone, can utilize VoIP functionality as long as it can connect to the internet. Flexibility and scalability are two of the major benefits of this service, because let’s face it, the future may be bright, but that doesn’t mean it’s clear.


The new kid on the block, this type of service seeks to transform the enduser experience most of us are having in regards to communication over the internet. This technology allows two endusers to connect to one another (make calls, chat, share files, have fondue parties, etc…) through their web browsers, and bonus, they don’t even have to install anything new in order to do it. Most browsers fully support this new system (with the exceptions of Internet Explorer and Safari, who still rely on plugins to help out, but really, who’s shocked here?) so use is uncomplicated and reasonably screaming-fit-free.

Competitors, or Compatriots?

As a company that provides Hosted PBX services to many businesses across different industries, we feel that these two technologies can actually work in concert with each other to help any business have more successful communications.

Comparing these two is a little like comparing apples with other same coloured, similarly tasting apples. They both essentially seek to do the same thing, which is to connect end users to one another over the internet. The only real difference, it seems, is how they actually go about it. VoIP uses devices connected to the internet to make phone calls, whereas WebRTC just uses the browser on your computer in order to make that same call.

In short, it’s our opinion that these two technologies should not end up being competitors at all. They should be working together to achieve even better levels of communication in the business world. They compliment and augment each other so nicely, it’s a little surprising that anyone would think they were competitors at all.

I think Forrest Gump would have something to say about that, don’t you?


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