Home phones are still a thing!?

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: December 14, 2017 20:20

In a word, yes. And, shocking as that may sound to some of you, there are actually a LOT of people out there that have more than just their cellphone as their method of contact.

And while there are

till a great many options out there for anyone looking to change to a home phone system that will save them some money, many residential customers are beginning to discover what businesses from one end of the country to the other have known for a while now; that VoIP can not only save them money, but out-perform many of the well-known companies. Allow us to elucidate:

Low Cost

It’s sort of comical how low the cost is on some of these guys. Most have a monthly cost of only around $10 per month, and some offer yearly options in the $50-$60 dollar range, dropping the cost again. And for what you end up getting for that service, it’s safe to say that there’s a reason that many of the main phone companies out there don’t like talking about VoIP as a viable competitor. And many of these companies have free activation and no cancellation fees, which saves you money on the front and the back end.


Things like long distance and call waiting are pretty standard for any home phone servie. But what about unlimited local and long distance, with call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, telemarketer block, and an app for your smartphone, all for cheaper than the phone company can come up with? We see you smiling, there. And we agree. VoIP has long been the leader in features over hard-line home phone connections. Any reputable hosted PBX provider will easily be able to show you how many different ways they can up the performance and drop the cost of your current plan.


One of the things that drew so many businesses to VoIP early on in the game was the flexibility of it. Many businesses move around a lot, growing and shrinking with the movements of the markets they operate in. And as such, VoIP providers have made it very easy for them to move and change their phone systems at will in order to maintain their relationships. The same rings true for residential customers. No matter whether you’re moving across town or across the country, taking your phone number with you is as easy as a simple phone call. And adding or subtracting features is also made simple. Heck, depending on the app, you might not even have to call anyone. A couple clicks of a mouse or a tap on the phone, and Boom! Call forwarding. Or whatever. You get the idea.

This day and age, many residential customers are starting to cotton on to the beauty of residential VoIP phone systems. And just like the companies that switched over their business phone systems over the last few years, it will soon be just as commonplace amongst the residential customers as well.


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