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Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: January 16, 2018 14:48

For many businesses, the holiday season brings with it the promise of higher sales, higher stress levels, and serious discussions about decorations and how they may or may not adhere to the fire code.

In order for your business to be ready for the onslaught, there are some things that you should do to ensure that your customers have a pleasant experience, but also that your business is running at peak performance. For the happiest holiday happenings, consider the following:

Auto-attendant/hold music

Your VoIP business phone system has many features, but two of the most overlooked are the auto-attendant and the hold music. When your customers are on hold, having completely inappropriate music (or worse yet, nothing at all…) can drive many people to simply hang up and call (gasp!!) your competition. Additionally, you can program your auto-attendant to not only direct your customers to their proper departments, but also spread a good deal of holiday cheer, as well. It’s also an excellent opportunity to let anyone on hold know about any holiday promotions or sales.

More aces in their places

Increased sales means more work. And if you’re planning on bringing in more warm bodies to handle the load, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to install more phone lines. Scaling your operation is easy to do with VoIP. A simple call to your Hosted PBX provider is all it takes to get the ball rolling, and you can choose “pay-as-you-go” options to help with the pocketbook as well.


There are two words, considered amongst the sweetest of any uttered by anyone in your company, or any company: Time off. And during the holidays, you might just be lucky enough to get some, as may some of the staff. Well-earned as it is, what does that mean for the customers that are inevitably going to reach out to you during this time? Well, other than pesky interruptions during yet another round of Yahtzee, if you have call forwarding services on your VoIP phone system, you can make sure that those calls will be answered. Whether you’ll be able to get out of the living room to take the call? You’re on your own, bub.

Merry metrics
It’s easy to imagine all those extra calls coming in are those huddled masses of customers that waited all year to call you now and spend their hard-earned greenbacks on your products or services, but the truth is that they could be the run-of-the-mill customer service calls that drive your staff to the local watering hole in numbers to make sailors rosy in the cheeks. And it pays to know how many of each are there. This is something that’s easy to track with your VoIP system, with many systems able to track any manner of metrics your heart desires. You could even record calls, for training or comedy purposes later.


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