Hosted Phone Systems: Does My Business Need One?

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: April 11, 2016 18:33

For more than a decade, many businesses and companies have increasingly embraced different forms of communications that don’t require or involve desktop telephone in reaching out to their clients and employees. Unlike the obsolete form of communication wherein traditional landline-based phone systems requires closet full of complicated equipment, today’s on-site hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) makes communicating more hassle free, more convenient and faster.

With hosted phone systems, all calls to your office will be routed through the help of high-speed internet connections. The software used is then sorted at the location of the provider, which reduces the need for complicated equipment and minimizing the maintenance cost while allowing for easier upgrades of the system. Hosted phone systems (or hosted PBX) does a 180° turn from the traditional landline-based system by utilizing VoIP. Apart from the reduction of on-site equipment, below are few of the important reasons why your business should consider using a hosted phone system in your operation:

Cost Effective

In this challenging economic climate, businesses can become grow or decline from one quarter to another, hence, leading to a tight financial budget. With a hosted PBX, you can easily add or reduce the number of lines in your business, without expensive maintenance to your system. You also don’t need to buy the equipment just to keep your service up and running, which frees your company from the burden of having to make costly capital expenditures. You’ll also be free from the exorbitant fees that are commonly associated with maintaining separate data and phone lines.

Accessible and Flexible

Unlike those traditional phone lines, Hosted PBX doesn’t need to rely on those complicated data lines just to connect with multiple locations. Because the hosted phone system is cloud-based, it enables excellent mobility, whereby workers can easily be reached at their phone numbers by just simply being connected to the internet wherever they might be. They don’t always have to be in the office to be reachable.

Increased Utility

Quality voicemails and crisp voice quality forwarded to your email, whilst, the ability to make and take calls from your device are just few of the excellent features that Hosted PBX offers.

Prompt Support

Fluid and fast communication is highly important in your business. That only means that if your communication goes down, your business and the operation of your company might be in trouble. By switching to a cloud-based phone service, you can rely on your provider to control the phone system and ensure a higher uptime compared with bringing a technician to your office whenever there is an issue.


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