Writing on the virtual wall, Part 2

Posted By: Netcelerate

Published: March 20, 2018 20:09

The last article in this series gave you the first of our two-part series on recognizing when you’ve been the victim of a hack. This week, we continue to give you the best early-warning signs that your network has been compromised. So, without further ado…

Sign #3: Your internet searches keep getting redirected

One of the things that falls under regular maintenance for a VoIP network is to be powered-down and logged out of admin portals when not actually in use. As you can probably imagine, this doesn’t always happen. People get busy and forget. But when your people are not only using the phones but also searching up information on the internet that’s related to the calls, there’s a pretty easy way to tell that something isn’t right. If you or your employees notice that any internet search is getting automatically redirected to a different or fraudulent site, it’s a pretty sure-fire sign that your network has been hacked. Inform the IT guys and get out of the way.

Sign #4: Web-cams and Microphones operate when they shouldn’t

Computer webcams and microphones are essential communications tools for any employees using their computers to video-conference or Skype with partners, customers, and suppliers. But if any of you are at your computer and see the webcam spontaneously turn on or see that the microphone is activated when it shouldn’t be, don’t bother Googling the nearest priest. You’ll just want to inform the guys in the IT department immediately, so that they can begin working on the reasons for it. And while there’s a chance that it’s a hardware glitch, there’s also a really good chance that you’ve been hacked.

Sign #5: Major changes in service charges

Anyone with a long-distance plan years ago remembered what it was like getting the bill each month. Going down the list of calls, making sure that all of them matched up with long distance calls you made, making sure that no one in the house was calling Alberta when they shouldn’t be. At the end of the day, money talks. And if you happen to see your bill climbing faster than you covered in molasses up a fire-ant infested hill in Yellowstone, then there’s a pretty good chance that someone is using your network for nefarious means. Seriously. There’s probably mustache-twirling and maniacal laughter involved.

We understand that this is, by no means, an exhaustive list of ways to tell that your system has been compromised by a hacker. But it’s not like these guys are going to open a chat window while you're plowing through Excel spreadsheets and say “Oh, hey, by the way…”.

But hey, at least now you have some ways you can spot them, and that’s really most of the battle. Have you ever been hacked? And if yes, how did you find out?



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