6 Workplace Time-Sinks You Need To Eliminate Immediately

by: Netcelerate | Published: April 20, 2016 15:04

From time to time, we all suffer from impediments to our workplace productivity. This can be attributed to the seasons, annual workflows, and even distractions from our personal lives. By following a few simple strategies, we can work around these impediments and stay productive throughout the year.
HuffPost has identified six of the top reasons that could be causing you a slow-down at the office. This list identifies problems that we are all likely face each day at work and expl...


  • 5 Reasons Companies are Switching to Hosted PBX

    by: Netcelerate | Published: April 18, 2016 14:45

    More and more companies are moving away from traditional telephony options and migrating towards VoIP (voice over internet protocol) business telephone systems. VoIP is becoming more mainstream, businesses are beginning to switch to VoIP services like Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks to remain competitive.

    As VoIP providers continue to grow their customer bases, feedback from customers suggests the following reasons for making the switch to Hosted PBX:

    1. Cost Reduc...


    by: Netcelerate | Published: April 13, 2016 15:14

    If you have decided to start a new company on your own, then you’ve already taken the very first step in achieving your financial independence and increased freedom. With the right amount of work and definitely some luck, your company will provide you with a solid income every month. However, getting setup has a number of steps to follow. The process of registration must be properly carried out, either by yourself, or a reliable company formation agent. Here are the things that you need...


    by: Netcelerate | Published: April 11, 2016 18:33

    For more than a decade, many businesses and companies have increasingly embraced different forms of communications that don’t require or involve desktop telephone in reaching out to their clients and employees. Unlike the obsolete form of communication wherein traditional landline-based phone systems requires closet full of complicated equipment, today’s on-site hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) makes communicating more hassle free, more convenient and faster.

    With hoste...


    by: Netcelerate | Published: April 07, 2016 15:37

    Want to know the difference between Hosted PBX VS Premised based PBX? If yes, then you are in the right place because in this article it will clearly state the differences between the two, so let’s start.

    What is Hosted PBX and Premise based PBX and their differences?

    Hosted PBX or hosted phone system is one wherein the provider like Netcelerate is responsible for housing the IP PBX and effectively handling the technology needed to provide great connection or...


  • 3 Signs That Your Business Needs a VoIP Hosted Phone System

    by: Netcelerate | Published: March 31, 2016 15:22

    A premise-based telephone system is one of the most preferred choices of many companies for many years. As the technology progresses, the efficacy of traditional telephone systems seems to pose complicated challenges to many business owners: after investing for the hardware, the need to maintain and upgrade it feels like surrendering small fortunes. Furthermore, unreliable telephone networks can pose greater risk to the operation of your business, especially when the network suffers fro...


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