Don’t Tie me down

by: Netcelerate | Published: September 28, 2016 16:52

Starting a business is hard.

We realize that’s one of the most “duh!” statements we may have made on this blog in a bit, but we do know it to be true.

And expensive. Oh, my, but it is expensive. Depending on the type of business you may be running, the amount of money headed out the door before any decides to waltz back in can drive even the most hard-headed business man to evenings full of ice cream and crying fits.

However, in this ever-changi...


  • If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and dial again…

    by: Netcelerate | Published: September 16, 2016 13:48

    To anyone that’s using VoIP phone systems for their business, there’s three words that should give you just a little bit of anxiety these days. It’s something that, though less prevelant now, is still a concern, and should be taken seriously. Those three words are (Dunduhndah!!) long distance fraud. Anticlimactic?

    Probably. Nonetheless, this is something that happens to businesses who have VoIP phone systems. You see, because the phone systems rely on the internet to make c...


  • Videoconferencing has etiquette, too

    by: Netcelerate | Published: September 15, 2016 13:17

    Many businesses today, especially those with offices in different locations, use videoconferencing as a means to communicate and hold meetings. It’s cost-effective and provides a more personal connection than the standard conference call might.

    There are good ways to do it, and there are not-so-good ways to do it. Below are some tips to make sure that everyone’s experience with videoconferencing goes smoothly and according to plan.

    Things to do before:



  • Two means to the same end...

    by: Netcelerate | Published: September 05, 2016 16:19

    When considering the many ways that one can take advantage of VoIP phone service for their business, the number of acronyms that get thrown around are numerous and only slightly harder to understand than Chinese trigonometry.
    That being said, there are a couple of them that stand out, most notably H osted PBX and S IP Trunking. Don’t let your eyes glaze over just yet. We’ve got more to talk about, here!

    What is Hosted PBX?

    I’m sure we’ve gone over this ...


  • Cloudonomics Part 2: Time saved, money earned

    by: Netcelerate | Published: August 29, 2016 14:38

    Welcome back! In this installment, we’re going to explore the second major half of what cloud computing can do for the economy. While the topic of the last piece dealt with the physical expenditure that is associated with both onsite and offsite networking, this article will deal more with the indirect effects of such a move. Mainly, we’ll be talking about the thing no business can ever get enough of. Time.

    You see, one of the greatest things that affects the economy is tim...


  • Yeah, but.... Why?

    by: Netcelerate | Published: August 26, 2016 17:46

    We’ve talked a lot on this little blog of ours about the benefits of the services that we provide here. Lord knows, more than once, we’ve still gotten the exact question listed above from a potential client.

    If you’ve read many of our blogs nothing here is going to be new to you. The reasons that many businesses are switching away from analog services and equipment rooms full of gear may not be numerous, but they are important.

    Here’s what we tell people when t...


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