The PowerPak10 Business Upgrade

The PowerPak10 Business Upgrade is the Perfect solution for any growing business with features that allow your business to Act Big while being Small.

5 Extensions

These extensions are the individual endpoints that make your employees reachable. From the auto-attendant, these extensions will ring to desk phones, and/or cell phones to ensure an optimal response from busy employees. Each extension comes fully featured and includes Find-me-follow-me call routing, Voicemail2Email, and intuitive setup.

2 Lines

Similar to a traditional phone system, these lines (referred to as Trunks) are indicative of the number of cumulative calls that can be made at any given time. For a business of 10 people, there would rarely be an occurence where more than 5 calls would be active at a time, making this an optimal amount of lines for this size of business.

Silver Turbo16 Plus Internet Connection

The PowerPak features a business-grade private internet connection that will ensure speeds of up to 16 MBps Download and 7Mbps Upload. This will ensure that call quality is optimal while all computers are on the web. Netcelerate Internet includes QoS, ensuring that voice is prioritized and will receive the appropriate amount of bandwidth at all times.



This is a setup of call routing that will have calls ring multiple endpoints on an extension. This could be a busy employee that is out of the office having a call ring their desk phone, and then their cell phone. If neither are picked up, the voicemail will be sent to the employees inbox with Voicemail2Email


If you are tired of calling into your office to find out if you have any Voicemails then this is the perfect feature for you. Once your are setup with a Netcelerate Hosted PBX system, all voicemails can be sent to your email inbox. This gives you instant notification anywhere, the ability to forward and save voicemails the way you do with emails, and allows for easy upload to any CRM.
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