Hosted PBX

What is Hosted PBX?

Our Hosted PBX is a business telephone system that provides the full features of a phone system (PBX) and requires only IP Phones in your office. The physical PBX is located off-site and is operated by your VoIP service provider. We often refer to our Hosted PBX solution as Plug and Play - all you need is internet connectivity and IP phones for your staff and you're ready to go!

Design Your Hosted PBX in 5 Simple Steps

1. Your Phone Numbers: choose to keep your existing number, get a new number and/or get a 1-800 toll-free number.

2. Your Calling Plan: choose between our Basic or Premium plans depending on your Long Distance calling needs.

3. Internet Connectivity: choose from our wide variety of Internet Options >>

4. IP Telephones: choose from our selection of office, manager and conference IP Telephones >>

5. Auto Attendant: decide if you would like to use an Auto Attendant to greet and direct your callers and how many levels of greetings you would like to use.


Add-ons and Customization

Customize your Hosted PBX with our advanced call functions:

    • Group Hunt Capability: direct your callers to a pre-set group of phones to minimize the wait time for callers and ensure that callers are directed to qualified personnel.

    • Virtual Phone Numbers: establish local phone numbers in the cities of your choice to establish a local presence, reduce 1-800 toll free costs and make your business appear larger than it is.