Hosted PBX Benefits

Why Hosted PBX?

More and more businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of VoIP and are switching to telephone systems like Hosted PBX. This is because hosted telephony services can provide your business with:

  • Lower Operational Costs: reduced setup costs (compared to a traditional phone system), reduced long distance costs, free calling between your offices, reduced number of phone lines due to sharing, no maintenance or upgrade costs and no need for in-house IT staff.

  • Increased Professionalism and Efficiency: a professional automated greeting, customized call routing, advanced call features, three-digit dialing between locations and mobile phone integration.

  • Service that Accommodates Growth: easy moves/adds/changes to phone lines and extensions to accommodate your growing staff.

Why Hosted PBX with Netcelerate?

Many VoIP service providers can offer you these same benefits; however, to ensure a high Quality of Service (QoS), Netcelerate has developed our own VoIP platform which offers unique advantages over our competitors:

  • Private Internet: choosing to integrate any one of our Internet Options>> allows you to create a private point-to-point connection which improves your telephony service by bypassing the public internet.

  • Online User Portal: each user in your office with their own extension will have access to our User Portal which allows them to activate voicemail-to-email delivery, add speed dial and customize their call flow.

  • High Reliability and Resiliency: our Tier 4 state-of-the-art data centers ensure that you will receive 100% up-time and 24/7 support on our platform. In the event of a connection failure, we also offer a fail-over service to route your voice and/or data over an alternative internet connection to ensure 100% up-time.

  • Customer Service and Responsive Support: our sales and support staff offer a high level of customer service and technical support to ensure that we maintain our above 95% customer retention rate.