IT Services - Managed Security

Managed Security with Netcelerate: Anti-spam, Firewall and Anti-virus

There's no need for in-house IT staff with Netcelerate's systematic approach to managed security. Our managed security services include:

  • Anti Spam: selective criteria for detecting SPAM with detailed reports for emails placed in quarantine

  • Managed Firewall: our hosted firewall service can provide customized application filtering to allow certain applications to be activated and pass through the firewall or be rejected

  • Managed Anti Virus: centrally updated and managed to detect, remove and prevent computer viruses


The Advantage of Managed Security with Netcelerate

  • Central Management and Faster Response: 24/7 management and monitoring with faster problem resolution and less downtime

  • Lower Operating Costs: – our managed services offer the expertise of an experienced IT staff without the associated costs

  • Flexibility and Control: you have the opportunity to customize your security requirements