IT Services - VPN

VPN Packages with Netcelerate

You can have a fully secure and reliable private network for your office without having to install and configure VPN software and hardware. Let us manage your VPN, giving your remote workers secure access to your network through our private connectivity. Our VPN is available in the following packages:

  • Site-to-site VPN: with direct connectivity between sites, is recommended for 3 sites or less

  • Any-to-any VPN: with connectivity via Netcelerate’s datacenter, is recommended for more than 3 sites

  • Dynamic VPN: secure customer connection from an extranet to a corporate network


The Advantage of VPN with Netcelerate

  • Security and Speed: our VPN will provide a highly secure, fast and reliable connection between your business locations and traveling employees

  • Lower Operating Costs: our managed services offer the expertise of an experienced IT staff without the associated costs

  • Flexibility and Access: our VPN enables access to applications and data from the data centers, server farms or private clouds with the same ease, timeliness and reliability as if they were located in the same building