Private Internet - 3g and wireless

Our wireless options can improve your mobility and accessibility, in your office and out-of-office.

Wireless Options with Netcelerate

  • 3G Internet Access: Netcelerate's 3G service offers 3G cellular data technology as an alternative high speed connection to the internet

  • 3G Mobile Access: Netcelerate can also integrate any 3G capable device into your hosted telephone system

  • Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi): Netcelerate's Wi-Fi network allows any computers with network cards or portable IP telephones or softphones to connect wirelessly using our CCE router

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots: add value to your business by creating Wi-Fi hotspots for your customers


The Advantage of Internet with Netcelerate

  • Private Internet Connection: choosing to integrate any one of our Internet Options >> delivers a private point-to-point connection which ensures security and improves your telephone service by bypassing the public internet.

  • Bandwidth Optimization: we can improve the efficiency of your internet usage through traffic shaping and prioritizing all of your applications like VoIP, data, email, etc.

  • Resiliency and Redundancy: if your internet package consists of 2 internet connections, we offer a failover service to ensure 100% up-time