SIP Trunk Call Features

The following is a list of call features that are available for each extension in your SIP Trunks solution. Click on the call feature you wish to learn more about:

Call Waiting

This feature notifies you (with a beep) when there's a second incoming call, while you're on another call. Switch to the new phone call without disconnecting the first call.

Caller ID

Caller ID is an excellent way to manage your incoming calls. When someone calls your phone, Caller ID shows the number of the caller on a digital display. Caller ID can help manage your Voicemail Notification by Email. The caller's identity is displayed in the subject line of any email that you receive as part of our voicemail notification by email. You can filter desired calls directly to voicemail or forward to another number.

3-Digit Dialing

With 3-digit dialing you can quickly and easily reach users in your phone system by dialing their 3-digit extension. 3-digit dialing allows you to reach users in your building, in remote buildings and remote users.