Netcelerate Product Bundles

Perfectly setup for any sized business

PowerPak 10 Business Bundle

Our PowerPak 10 Business Bundle Includes:

10 extensions

5 trunks (lines)

Fax2Email service

Turbo 16 DSL connection (16Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up)*

Auto Attendant

Virtual Number

Toll-Free Number

Conference Bridge

Managed WiFi

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PowerPak 10 Business Upgrade

This Upgrade is for businesses with more than 10 employees looking for increased functionality and connectivity

Our PowerPak 10 Business Upgrade Includes:

5 extensions

2 trunks (lines)

Upgrade to Silver Turbo 16 Plus DSL (16Mb/s down and 7Mb/s up)*

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PowerPak10 Exchange Upgrade

For Businesses looking to increase communication between their organization, adding functionality that is typically only achievable for large organizations.

Our PowerPak 10 Exchange Upgrade Includes:

10 Licences for Microsoft Exchange

Web access

full outlook capabilities



2GB mailbox

20MB attachments

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Small Business Starter Pack

This bundle is perfect for an organization that is starting out and preparing for growth in the future. Adding extensions while you grow is easy, and the cost savings are evident from the beginning. This package includes:

Our Small Business Starter Pack Includes:

2 extensions

2 trunks (lines)

Private Silver DSL Connection


1 Group Extension


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*Internet speeds vary by availability of office location

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